Cheeki Tiki Cocktail Bar

Cheeki Tiki is a lively place to visit in Cala D’or town around a 20 minute walk around the marina or 5 minutes in a taxi, be prepared to wear a garland around your neck upon arrival, great for people watching and enjoying the local atmosphere, the kids will love talking to the resident parrot, depending on what mood he is in.

Churchills Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Churchills is the closest restaurant to the villa. It is owned by Martin and Marion and serves the most amazing traditional Spanish tapas, definitely a favourite of ours, they have a delightful gin menu and serve a beautiful Sangria, we always book in advance as it does get extremely busy especially in peak season.

Ristorante Michele

A great new Italian restaurant recently opened in the Marina, with a reasonably priced menu with plenty of choices and a great dessert menu. One of the children’s favourites for Pizza. If you fancy a night in you can also get a takeaway from Ristorante Michele and it is only a 5-minute walk from the villa.

C’an Trompe Restaurant

In Cala D’Or Town C’an Trompe is definitely a favourite of ours, authentic local food and a great selection of wines. The restaurant itself is quite charming and the Paella is always perfect, we always visit at least once during our stays.  

Aquarius Seafood Restaurant

Owned by Lorenzo a great seafood restaurant in the marina, although mainly seafood they do serve meat dishes and the Majorcan slow roasted lamb is delightful, great view and great food, definitely worth a visit.

Local Bars

For drinks whilst in Cala D’or try Waves overlooking the Marina, great for people watching, listening to some good music and relaxing, above waves is the House of Champagne a great cocktail bar with a DJ on at weekends

Alternatively, if you are in Cala D’or Town try La Plaza great for drinks with unbelievable measures, also good for Ice Cream for the children.

Another good ‘Pub’ is Molly’s on the way to Cala Egos about a 5-minute walk from the villa, you can watch the match, they have a karaoke night and they also serve a good roast on a Sunday.


Noa is an Asian restaurant right on the marina, owned by Henry who is a character, Noa serves Pan Asian Cuisine with a kick.

A beautiful restaurant with a great atmosphere and view. We can recommend the Thai Red Curry and the Peking Duck

Porto Cari

If you fancy a cooked breakfast try Porto Cari restaurant in the marina only a short walk away from the villa, the restaurant is owned by Florentine and it is a traditional Majorcan restaurant but the breakfast is a favourite of ours. 

Sky Bar

Sky bar is in the heart of the marina. A great bar with a beautiful view of the yachts. There is a DJ on most nights playing dance classics it is a really chilled environment, definitely worth a visit.

Western Steakhouse

If like myself and Emma you enjoy a good steak, try the Western Steakhouse in the Marina visit to view the menu you will not be disappointed, it gets really busy in the summer months but they will always find you a table.

Bona Taula

Bona Taula is a favourite of ours as you can see from the picture.

The restaurant is in Calonge the first town after Cala d’Or, around 10 minutes in a taxi. Owned by a charming Canadian and a retired butcher from Mallorca, they are a perfect combination.

Meats are cooked on an open flamed grill to perfection. There is a courtyard at the back of the restaurant where we like to sit which has I think a Casablanca Lily plant with the most beautiful scent that only comes out of an evening, the staff are all so attentive and make you feel like you a regular visitor.

Diferent Restaurant

Diferent is located in old mill which is one of the oldest buildings in Cala D’or town.

With a ‘different’ menu including oriental, steak, fish, tapas, and a great selection of desserts including Churros. Definitely not one to miss.

On a hot night you can relax on the cosy terrace with a cocktail or take a look at the wine menu, Diferent has a partnership with a vineyard in Mallorca where they produce beautiful and organic wine. The entire process takes place in Binisalem the best vineyard on Mallorca.

The House of Champagne

The house of champagne is a great new bar situated right in the heart of the marina above the Sky Bar, they have a great cocktail menu and a DJ on at the weekends, they serve a selection of drinks not just Champagne and it is reasonably priced, there have different events and themes on throughout the summer months

Port Petit Restaurant

Port Petit on the marina serves French cuisine. It is a beautiful restaurant, nice to go for a special occasion as it can be expensive, but worth a visit. Try the taster menu which includes lobster and veal, a great choice, the restaurant does get busy but you can book online.

Call: 07824 368098


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